Tuition & Fees

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Students are required to go through the process of payment before the start of each semester.

Required and Nonrefundable Fees

Registration Fee NT$ 30,000 / per child
Student Accident
Insurance Fee
NT$ 800 / per child

Required Tuition and Fees

Grade 7 - 8 NT$ 27,000 / per semester
Grade 9 -12 NT$ 27,000 / per semester

Boarding Fees (for boarding students only)

Dormitory NT$ 30,000 / per semester
Meal Service NT$ 30,000 / per semester

Other Fees

First Time
Application Fee
NT$ 30,000
Textbooks Fees
vary by different grade levels
N / A
Uniforms Fees N / A

Transportation Fees Per Semester

Round Trip /
One-way: Hsinchu City (High Speed Rail Station)
NT$ 25,000 / NT$ 15,000
Round Trip /
One-way: Zhubei City (Door to Door Service)
NT$ 20,000 / NT$ 10,000

Activity Fees (Optional)

PBL experimental
NT$ 20,000 up
After School
Activities fees
vary by different grade levels
Summer Study
Tour fees
Additional Credit
Course (1 Credit)
NT$ 25,000