Strategic Plan

Every student is a prodigy in his or her own way!

Key to finding grit and passion2023 Strategic Plan

Our strategic objectives are to:

  • Interest (Students) - Through dynamic and interactive teaching methods, hands-on experiences, and personalized learning approaches, we aim to captivate students' interest and motivate them to actively participate in their educational journey.
  • Ability (Educators) - We provide ongoing professional development opportunities to our educators, equipping them with the latest teaching methodologies, innovative approaches, and technological tools. By continuously enhancing their abilities, educators can create meaningful and impactful learning experiences for students, fostering their growth and success.
  • Experience (Parents and Educators) - We actively involve parents in their child's educational journey, providing them with the necessary resources, guidance, and support to actively participate in their child's learning and growth.
  • No One Wants to Major in TESTING

    No One Wants to Major in TESTING

    1. No SAT / ACT, TOEFL, AP, IB testing
    2. Enter college with advanced standing
    3. Admission not impacted by citizenship


    • Experienced with college courses and become more mature before college.
    • Graduate from high school and college early.
    • No need to embellish or fabricate on resume.
  • Why Use Personalized Curriculum for Every Child

    Why Use Personalized Curriculum for Every Child

    1. Personalized Curriculum (Passion)
    2. Long Term Personal Research (Grit)
    3. Extracurricular Activities (Experiences)


    • Individualized Learning Plans / Choice-Based Learning / Mentorship Programs
    • Independent Study Projects / Research-Based Courses / Research Mentorship
    • Diverse Clubs and Organizations / Community Engagement / Partnerships with Local Institutions
  •  Leadership! Better ones around us!

    Leadership! Better ones around us!

    1. Knowledgeable
    2. Confidence
    3. Responsibility


    • Our school fully supports students and parents in top competitions.
    • Going to school should be about self-discovery, finding passion.
    • Once developed a passion, a student will be able to overcome challenges.